Man Tattoos Image Of Hearing Aid On His Head To Support 6-Year-Old Daughter

We’ve found the most incredible candidate for Father of the Year! A New Zealand dad of a hearing impaired little girl got a tattoo of a Cochlear implant on his head to match his daughter’s two hearing devices. So sweet — see the pic.

Charlotte Campbell, 6, is deaf in her left ear and got her first Cochlear implant two years ago. But she also has a condition that limits her brain’s ability to process sound in her right ear. As a result, she got a second implant put in, so that’s when her dad Alistair decided he’d show his little girl that she’s no different from anyone else. He got a tattoo of a Cochlear implant above his left ear to help Charlotte feel more normal.

Alistair has no other tattoos, but he had his head shaved for the precious inking. “Hey my hair can grow back,”  he told the New Zealand Herald. The paper says that when Charlotte saw her dad’s tattoo, she “giggled, touched it and said it was cool.”

The loving dad shaved his head to get the tattoo and says that while he’ll grow his hair back, he’ll gladly shave it again if his little darling wants to see it. Charlotte’s mom, Anita, says she wasn’t surprised when her daughter was diagnosed with hearing issues as their eight-year-old son also wears hearing devices.

The story has blown up on social media with other parents sharing stories of how they’ve gotten tattoos to help their children with medical conditions feel more normal. One Facebook user named Yasmine said, “My son has a heart condition which has required 3 open heart surgeries so my husband got my sons scar tattooed on his chest so he didn’t feel like he was the only one. My son loves it…good on you dad! Your little girl would love it.”

Another user named Kristen said, “I have a friend that has done the same thing for her daughter. I thought it was amazing.” Thousands of others praised Alistair for being and “awesome dad” and what a “beautiful example of love” his tattoo is for his little girl.