Top 20 Enduring Car Tattoos!

Cars are in many ways on a par with tattoos, you can collect them, love them, admire them and simply enjoy their beauty even if you don’t own one. In the modern world the car is as essential as any other social building block, cars open you up to the wider world and allow you to go places where before others couldn’t, they’re also a pretty damn good tattoo subject.

Car tattoos share many similarities with tattoo portraits, they’re realistic, sharply detailed, can be bright and colourful or elegantly black and grey, they can also mean as much to a person as a portrait of their most beloved family member. All in all car tattoos are both awesome looking and beautifully symbolic, so whether you love your car or cars in general for that matter, or if you even just like a good tattoo be sure to check out these enduring car tattoos!